Rethinking obesity in adolescents

Navigating adolescence poses inherent challenges for most, and when compounded by the additional stress of a chronic and stigmatized condition like obesity, it can create a very unique set of challenges for the healthcare professionals (HCPs) managing them. With childhood and adolescent obesity at an all-time high, it’s crucial this global healthcare issue is addressed.

This expert-led program aims to support you with the individualized management of obesity in adolescents through education on:

  • the importance of early detection and intervention;
  • how to develop tailored management plans including the appropriate incorporation of anti-obesity medications; and
  • managing the psychological and social factors influencing treatment adherence.

This program is aimed at an international audience of non-US and non-UK obesity specialists, pediatric endocrinologists and those treating adolescent patients with obesity.

Watch a brief introduction to the program by Daniel Weghuber, Program Director

Program activities

Video discussion: Burden, barriers, and unmet needs

Adolescent obesity gamified module